Terrorism? Powerful Bomb Blast Kills Three, Injures 30 in Zamboanga

BREAKING NEWS: At least 3 people were killed today when a powerful bomb exploded in a budget hotel in Zamboanga City, Philippines on Monday (Sunday night in the US). The blast was centered on the second floor of Atilano Pension House and caused the second floor to collapse while blowing off the roof. It then ignited a fire that gutted the two-story pension house. The police released the names of the fatalities, indentifying them as Noel Delgado, Fidel Aguias, and “a certain Mariz”.

Regional police director Felicisimo Khu ha this to say in an interview with press: The bomb is composed of TNT component, we are looking the Abu Sayyaf terrorists group behind this explosion,”

According to police, the victims were mostly wedding guests who were billeted at the pension house along Mayor Jaldon Street.

Zamboanga city is 550 miles south of Manila at the southern tip of the Philippines. While the city itself is primarily Christian, it is located in a region which has historically faced challenges from Muslim insurgents, and more recently from the Abu Sayaf terrorist group.

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