A Proud Day: Liveblogging My Daughter's Graduation

A Proud Day:  Liveblogging My Daughter's Graduation

5:15: More pics. Soooo proud.

4:10: Pic of Kaitlyn on stage finally came through from Patrick. Here it is? Can you make her out? She’s there!

3:53: She DID it. Just walked across the stage. I tried to screen grab it but couldn’t — but I saw it. A picture should be coming in from Patrick shortly, maybe a movie. Wow, it’s here. I now have not just a graduate, but a PRESIDENT’S LIST graduate. I’m so extremely proud of her! THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!
2:05:  It’s started.  Huge arena.  She’s down there! It’s a good high resolution picture — click to see it much larger. Cool.

1:50:  The eagle has landed.  (Had to drop Kaitlyn off because running a bit late).  Here she is — it’s happening now.  This is it — 10 minutes to go. Wonder if it will start on time.

1:15: In the car, stuck in traffic. Ten minutes out from the site, though, so probably not a problem.

12:46: More pix. Proud mom is there, along with son-photog Patrick. Nice.

11:59: Just asked Kaitlyn to send me a pic of her at the moment, or (if she’s not presentable yet), a picture of Merle the Amazing Stunt Dog looking at her. Just got these pix back:

That’s my daughter (and her awesome dawg)…..taken at 11:57 (two minutes ago)….

11:57:  Just found this picture, taken yesterday, on Kaitlyn’s facebook page.  Cool.  Can you see which one is her?

11:43:  Patrick (son)_ and Lucy (mom) are in a car heading west on I-10 from Niceville to Tallahassee.  ETA 12:15.  Worked it out that Patrick will be my “eyes” and will send photos as videos as the day progresses.  This is helping me feel better about not being there.   We’ll see if we can somehow use technology to rescue the day.  I do feel pretty connected to everyone at the moment — much improvement over last night, when it finally was manifest that I wouldn’t be able to be there.   It felt really barren, like a wasteland, and all I could think about was that I wouldn’t be able to experience this important day properly.  Now I feel a bit more like maybe , just maybe, I can “be” there.

11:28 AM Today the amazingly wonderful Kaitlyn Doyle Sellers graduates from college.  I am as proud of her as any father could possibly be.   It’s been a very difficult and frustrating week because she and I both wanted for me to be there but circumstances have conspired to keep me 3,000 miles away from where I want to be today.  But we are making the best of it — Florida State (her school) is broadcasting it live on the web and I’m tuned in, in my seat, and am texting back and forth with Kaitlyn as we get closer and closer to the moment.  I’m in my seat with the webcast link up on my laptop.  I just texted Kaitlyn and told her I’m in position and it looks like I’m the first one here — so …. here we go.

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